What makes Our Villages Rental better than other websites?

Our Villages Rental website is owned and operated by OVRWeb LLC. We own and have rented multiple properties in The Villages ourselves for the past few years so we understand the importance of advertising your rental property in a highly effective manner to attract potential renters.  We're eager to share our experience to help you get the most from listing your rental property with us.  Site design and options are a huge factor that sets Our Villages Rental apart.  Each l;isting also gets it's own "private page" that can be used by a homeowner to market their home without any cross-over to other possible rentals on the site.  

For renters, our dynamic search capabilities makes finding properties easier by allowing searches by home type, Village, and even offers the ability to see home listing on a map if you are looking for a certain area.  Large home photos are easier to see.  Fantastic features such as Availability calendars, maps, renter comments/feedback, Printable Professional looking property fliers, and a consistent way to view rental rates all combine to make for an easy way to sort through available rentals and select the perfect place!  All of this wrapped up in a beautiful and functional website layout and it's easy to understand why Our Villages Rental stands apart from other sites! 

Other rental sites are not focused exclusively on the Villages, charge commissions on each booking, charge you for every listing individually, or have so many properties on them that it's quite an effort to make your home stand out to renters.  Why be one of thousands of available rentals?


We ARE NOT property managers for any listings here on Our Villages Rental.  Our goal is to provide the best advertising service for a reasonable cost, allowing you to focus on other aspects of owning a rental.


  1. Property owners wanting to list their home(s) can do so for only $69 year to become a standard subscriber (subscribers have advanced features)!  Individuals can list up to 5 homes for one subscription!
  2. Special subscriptions are available for Agents managing multiple properties and for single property, short duration, Long Term Only rentals. 
  3. Service!  We are always trying to improve and grow our market.
  4. Advertising through Local outlets and Social Media to reach more potential renters from all around the world! 
  5. You control when you want your listing displayed.  You can deactivate and activate at any time during your subscription period. (i.e. if your already rented and don't want to take calls or inquiries for a period of time)
  6. You can update your listing (including photos) ANYTIME, and as often as you like (and we encourage our subscribers to do so!).
  7. Listing slide shows allow high resolution photos  Don't settle for grainy low resolution photos that detract from your properties appeal. Remember, your photos are the first impression of your property!
  8. Friendly search feature that includes available date searches and a real interactive calendar!  No other local site offers that!
  9. We own and operate rental properties right here in the Villages ourselves and understand the unique rental market here!
  10. We offer the best CMS (Content Management System) that needs little to no instructions to use. Should you need help, you can check out our short instructions videos or give us a call!
  11. We constantly optimize with the internet search engines providing top ratings (Google, Yahoo name a couple).
  12. We offer phone support to assist property owners and prospective renters alike with any sorts of questions from your listing to general questions about renting your property.   
  13. We consider ourselves a valuable resource and we celebrate in your success!

We value each and every subscriber and potential renter that utilizes our site.  We will treat you like you expect to be treated.

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