Use the Search By Villages Section Page

     Announcing a New Search Option added to Our Villages Rental      

Designed to make it even easier for renters to find the perfect rental property for their Villages stay, our new SEARCH BY VILLAGES SECTION page displays a color coded map of the Villages sections and proximity to the three Townsquares.  Renter can click on a section to view all OVR Rental properties in that section, showing all homes types. 

If a renter has certain dates/months they plan to visit, they can still use the blue search box to narrow their search by entering in their check-in/out dates and then also selection which villages section they wish to be in.

Also, there is a link to our dynamic Interactive SSEACRH MAP feature where you can use a map to view rental homes and where they are located.

To view the new page, click on the homepage quick find buttons or visit the link below:


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