How do I advertise my property on Our Villages Rental?

Requirements for listings on Our Villages Rental.

  1. First off, your home must be within the geographical area of "The Villages®"
  2. You must be the owner of the property, or the assigned agent managing the property for the owner.
  3. You must have a valid email address for the advertising, and a working phone number!  Email addresses ARE NOT shown on the site as prospective renters will communicate their requests through the sites booking and contact features included in your listing.  We do encourage prospective renters to talk to you on the phone before financially committing to rent. Your phone number can be hidden at your request, however we do not recommend this action.

If the above listed items do not seem unreasonable to you (and we know that they won't be), simply click here "Start your Ad here" or the menu item at the top of our home page.  Once you complete the basic information and submit it to us, you will receive email instructions to complete your listing. No hassle, just a fantastic service!

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