What are "Paid Services" for property owners?

  1. Our Villages Rental "Paid Services" are Listing Upgrades that subscribers can purchase to enhance their listings visibility. We do not nag, pressure, lure or demand that you use them.  They are there to provide more exposure to site visitors looking for rentals. 
  2. Some of Our Villages Rental "Paid Services" have limited availability.  We will never allow you to purchase a feature that is already sold out for the time you wish to use it.

"Paid Services" are simply enhancements to subscriber listings that you select in your My Listings User Dashboard (highlighted below in green). These are low cost (see below), time restricted upgrades to increase your properties exposure in one of three ways. After subscribing you can simply hover your mouse over the icons in your control panel to see which paid feature they are for! The following are our offering of "Paid Services"

  • #1   Add your home(s) "Main Image" to our Home Page / Properties Slideshow.  This includes the title of your listing and the picture is a direct link top your listing..
  • #2   Make your property show at or near the top of any listing pages that your home is included on resulting from a user search. 
  • #3   Tag your home as a "Featured Property" to make it standiout onm listing pages with a Featured Property Badge and it also appears in the Featured properties section of the homepage. 

Slide Show and Featured Property Paid Services are $10 for a two week upgrade or $20 for a full month of upgrading the property Listing.  Placement at the Top of the Listing Pages gives your listing Prime Real Estate on the web pages and costs $15 for 2 weeks or $25 for a full month. 


Users My Listings Dashboard screen shot below.


If your property is listed with Our Villages Rental, you can easily add these features for 15 - 30 days for pennies a day! 

Our Villages Rental allows several payment options include secure credit card payment with PayPal below for subscribers!


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